Stress-Free and Straightforward Move!

Stress-Free and Straightforward Move!

Stress-Free and Straightforward Move!

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Moving Tips

1. Be on hand to meet the driver and loading crew.

2. Stay at home until the last item is loaded.

3. Make a final inspection.

4. Confirm your delivery date.

5. Make sure the driver has your exact destination address.

6. Give the driver a contact phone number in case he has to reach you before

7. Make sure all of the utilities are turned off.

8. Have your vacuum cleaner loaded last.

9. Relax for a few minutes. You’ve made a great start on a well-organized move.

10. Keep your telephone and utilities on until after the move is complete.

When you book a move with Alliance Transportation Services, we help you organize
your move with a document we call The Move Plan. Your Move Plan contains all
the vital information for your move including dates, addresses, inventory of
items to be moved, and contact information.

Here are some of the tips we suggest you include in your own Move Plan. When it comes to moving, being prepared is more than half the battle.

Simple and Easy, How it works!


We mean it when we say that we stand by our high service standards

We are aiming to relieve our clients’ stress in every way

We are working with the most up-to-date technology currently available

We offer the industry’s most thorough and conscientious service during the move

We have dedicated customer service from start to finish

We treat you and your belongings with respect and dignity


We know that value and affordability is of utmost importance to you, your family

Our staff is experienced and meticulously

We walk clients through every step of the process, making sure they know what to expect

We offer wrapping, packing and storage services to make your life easier

We sell a wide array of packaging solutions and kits for your convenience


We are able to obtain exclusive deep discounts for you

You will be finding a reputable, affordable mover

We carry a wide array of solutions to make

wrapping and packing valuable items simple and safe

We offer a wide array of moving services to make your life easier

Your treasured belongings will arrive safe and sound

We are here to serve you